Why Are College Professors So Bad At Teaching

The present-day college and university professors are ranked low in performance compared to those in the past years. Teaching just like any other profession requires dedication and commitment to one’s work, he or she should bear in mind that there are hundreds or even thousands of students depending on him to broaden their knowledge. For a successful educational and career path, efforts of both students and professors need to be put in, but in the present generation, students seem to play their role as well as that of their professors. This tends to be strenuous to the students resulting in the release of half-baked graduates into the market. In most cases, college or university students see their professors as inferior teachers.

Below are some of the main points believed to be reasons why college professors are bad teachers.

Business mindset.

Colleges are educational institutions whose priority should be providing relevant education to the students. This is however not the case with most colleges today whose main aim is making profits through admitting a vast number of students at higher fees. This huge admission, in turn, leads to a shortage of professors which calls for the employment of part-time unqualified professors and even in some cases, students in graduate schools are picked to teach those in undergraduate school. The result of this is inexperienced professors flooding the colleges.

Researchers and not teachers.

Most colleges hire professors based on their research skills and their outstanding thesis as scientists or scholars. Being a good researcher does not guarantee that one will be a good teacher and this is the first mistake that the colleges make. They end up hiring researchers and not teachers for their students.


Few colleges and other higher learning institutions conduct a proper evaluation of their professors. In most cases, salary raise or tenure is based on the professor’s qualifications and research skills and not his or her teaching skills. This results in professors who are poor in teaching being given more significant roles in various departments within the institution.

Teaching guidelines.

Higher learning institutions do not offer standard teaching guidelines to be followed by the professors. Here each department is required to adopt an appropriate teaching methodology that best suits its field of study. This results in some professors adopting bad teaching strategies which makes them bad in teaching and delivering content to the students.

Students role.

College students are required to be active learners and ready to search and master content on their own. They should not wholly depend on their professors to boost their performance since some of the professors are not committed. However, many students are not good at studying effectively on their own leading to failures in their exams. They thus end up blaming their professors as bad teachers.

Generally, there is a gap that needs special attention in the present-day higher education system. Colleges should look into their hiring policies to avoid hiring unqualified professors who do not meet the needs of the students.