What is a Homeschool COOP?

A homeschool co-op is something that is heard a lot these days. A lot of people are showing interest in it. In fact, many churches do have this group. A group of families comes together to form a small group. The children are taught by mothers. There will be slots or a particular time of the week that will be fixed for these classes.

Every mother teaches in one of the slots to all the kids of the group, every mother gets a chance to teach, speak, educate. There is no limitation on what can be taught. The topics are picked from a wide range of subjects. This includes drawing, sketching, and paper model making basically anything that can be taught. Even learning a new language, learning about physical fitness, health anything can be topic for a session.

It is good to expose kids to a wide variety of topics, this helps them learn and understand, spend some time on things that educate and involve fun as well. General school education teaches everyone the same things but here things that are really needed to lead good life are taught.

As any system Homeschool COOP also has its share of pros and cons.


  • Children will be exposed to various topics from various fields which pushes their horizon.
  • Children will get a chance to explore areas which are untapped by schools.
  • Getting to know new things every time will naturally increase their knowledge base along with helping them to increase their ability to learn anything new.
  • Children will get to know and experience different methodologies of teaching which helps them to develop an ability to adjust to new situations easily.


  • As the topics or curriculum is not decided, this could be a little tough to small kids to understand the changing topic every session and cope up with them.
  • The system depends on moms to teach all the kids. But let us say in a bunch of 10 moms not everyone will be ready to search good content, might not be able to give good time to prepare for a session.
  • Content picking style: this is the main concern we feel. Every person has a different style of exploring content and conveying it. One mom might go beyond boundaries and refer to content and tech to the kids. One might just stay in the box and speak about very limited content.
  • Teaching style: Every mom will teach in a different way, some might teach in a very interactive way, some might teach it very creatively and some in very traditional board and chalk way. Will kids get adjusted to this changing teaching styles from time to time? Each session is by a different person and this will have an impact on the amount of the knowledge that will be gained.
  • If one mom teaches exceptionally well and another in an average way then kids are sure to lose interest in a few sessions, that won’t serve the purpose.
  • Not every mother will have the capacity to handle a group of children.
  • We definitely don’t like the fact that few moms teach the topics in depth and few might not teach them to that level, the indefinite graph might not let the kids acquire information to full length.
  • Selected topics must be discussed and followed up through some activities thereby leveling up the child in that particular area. But usually, a topic is discussed for one session and then we don’t see much follow-up on that.

These days at mothers are not getting involved in teaching, they aren’t much involved in sessions, etc. This is a different kind of group which isn’t the way how traditional way it goes on. People refer to these as hybrid “Homeschool COOP”.

To be specific if mothers aren’t involved in taking classes or basically if they aren’t teaching anything it isn’t a Homeschool COOP. If you want to join your child in one we suggest you do but consider taking time to see and understand if it is the best group you can join. We recommend going to a few sessions to see if all the mothers participate actively in teaching or the burden might grow on others to teach the number of sessions.
We hope you understood what Homeschool COOP is.