How To Graduate Homeschool


With advances in technology, children are becoming extremely aggressive and are bullying other children in school, especially if they are smaller in size, weaker. Children who are different from the others in school especially those who belong to minorities. Hence increasingly parents are preferring to home school their children so that the child is not bullied. In some cases there are other reasons like the child may be sick or conventional schooling may be expensive due to a number of actors. After the course is completed, the family would like to find out how to get a homeschool diploma for their child, which can be used for admission to the college or getting a job. Some of the options for those who wish to find out how to graduate homeschool for children are discussed below

Correspondence school, virtual school or umbrella school

Many of the home school students are enrolled with an umbrella school or correspondence school and these schools will usually send the study material for the study to complete their high school education. They will also conduct tests for the home-school students and after the students pass the test, they will issue the diploma to the student. Increasingly, virtual schools or online schools are becoming popular among homeschooled children. It is now possible for students who are being homeschooled to enroll in these schools, to get a formal high school diploma after completing all the necessary tests online from the comfort of their home.

Local public schools

In the United States, most of the school districts do not issue diplomas for homeschooling though there are some states like North Dakota and Pennsylvania which are exceptions. In North Dakota, home-school students can get a high school diploma from the local public school if required. In Pennsylvania, the home school association and the department of education in the state are issuing a diploma for homeschooled students and the parents of these students should contact the association or department and get the diploma or their child.

From the parents

Most of the students who opt for homeschooling are supervised by their parents, who ensured that they complete the course of study in different subjects. Hence the parents are allowed to issue a diploma of homeschooling to their children. This diploma issued by parents is usually acceptable to most universities, colleges, and employers will accept the diploma. The diploma can be hand made, printed using a ready-made template available, or ordered online from the various websites. However, parents should take care to ensure that the diploma they are issuing contains the following details :

  • Name of the home school mentioning that high school level education has been completed
  • Name of the city or town and state where the school is located
  • Full name of the student
  • Date on which the diploma was awarded to the student
  • Signature of the person issuing the diploma

The language of the diploma should clearly state that the student has been conferred a high school diploma and the courses completed may also be mentioned

Can students create their own diploma

In some cases, the parent may be busy and may not have the time to find a suitable diploma template and print the diploma for the student. In these cases, the student can find a suitable template for the high school diploma and print it himself. However, the student should not sign the diploma themselves, they should get the signature of either of their parents, who have supervised their homeschooling. In cases the student is unable to get the parents signature, he or she can opt to take the General Educational Development (GED) test and get certified for high school level academic skills.


Usually, a high school diploma which is issued by a public school, private school, correspondence school or GED will have more weight compared to the homeschooling diploma issued by the parent. Though the parent issued home school diploma will be accepted by most colleges and employees, in some cases, the student may be asked for proof of validity. Some of the proof required include a letter from the local superintendent that the homeschooling received conformed to norms, transcripts of the schooling and state home schooling laws.