Art and Ethnography

Ongoing Project:

“In the Event of …”

Anticipatory and Participatory Politics of Emergency Provision.
Together with Bernd Kräftner and Judith Kröll (a.k.a shared inc.), funded by the Vienna Science and Technology Funds (WWTF). Abstract.

We want to do a) a (visual) ethnography of emergency provision practices
and b) to develop together with emergency provision specialists new
ways to calculate emergency provision for new yet unimaginable
disasters and c) build new forms of emergency provision. Inspired by Frederick.

For events, see this, our exhibition and presentation at ZiF Bielefeld, and the final performance. A methodological article is here. A website with the material and some publications are in the works, watch this space.

Previous Projects:

Videogramme des Experimentierens.
 (Surplus. Videograms of Experimentation) 2009
A project of the artist Hannes Rickli
dealing with surplus images of biological laboratories. How do biologists define data? How do they define which images are errors? Together we did a 9-channel video-installation „labscans“, which shows the laboratories filmed by an automated 360° camera. The audio channels consist of a dialogue-montage among the biologists on their work and what constitutes data.

Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Exhibited at Helmhaus Zürich.

Frei von der Leber weg. Eine Methode zur
Erfassung von Präventionsvorstellungen und Divinationen.
(A Method to Detect Ideas of Prevention and Divinations). 2008

(together with Bernd Kräftner und Judith Kröll (a.k.a shared inc.) as
An exhibition based on data from
anthropologists and doctors gathered in our own laboratory to
explore ideas of prevention. We built a ethnographic laboratory to
ask and test anthropologists and doctors about their views of prevention.
We visualized the data obtained in various ways.Exhibited at
and funded by Humboldt University Berlin, 2008.

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die wahr/falsch
inc. Eine Wissenschaftsausstellung in der Stadt.
A science exhibition in the city of Vienna that I co-curated (together with Bernd Kräftner, Judith Kröll and Alexander Martos).
The exhibition contained twelve mini-exhibitions in different locations in the city of vienna, dealing with issues like how people deal with food and drugs, vegetative state, life on mars, the green belt.

The exhibition included the “Office for Scientific Flotsam and Jetsam” an exhibition where refugee-scientists exhibited and discussed their
careers. With them, we founded Researchers Without Borders / ForscherInnen ohne Grenzen, a still ongoing project that adresses the situation of refugee-researchers. A publication in German can be found here

The exhibition also included the installation “Who with Whom. Inheritance in Action

by Bernd Kräftner and myself (as stygma brothers). The installation told the story of how Cyprus deals with the genetic disease Thalassemia. It is based on fieldwork in Cyprus and consists of a reinterpretation of a Cypriot photo-store. The story is told with ethnographic material, photos in clinics, photos of married couples from photo-stores, interview excerpts, a social history of Cyprus told with the help of stamps, all arranged in some 200 old picture frames.
Ethnographic guidance by Stefan Beck.

Point of View. 2002
A video made together with Natascha Sadr-Haghighian (for a better bio: bioswop) on art in hospitals, how the staff perceives it and whether they think it is good for them or the patients, and what Robin Williams has got to do with it (contains ethnographic material from several hospitals in Berlin and London). Exhibited in several exhibitions in Berlin.

Funded by Mute magazine.

Kunst Kaufen (Buying Art). 2001
A video made together with Florian Japp and Martina Owsianny containig documentary material on why people buy art at the Art Basel. Video is ordered by rising prices of artworks.
Made for and exhibited at the exhibition data:::missing during Art Basel in the immediate neighbourhood of Art Basel.

Es ist Meins (It is Mine). 1999

A two channel video installation together with Florian Japp on people with heart transplants about who they think they are and the symbolism of flowers as gifts. Exhibited and fitted for “Klinik/Morphing Systems”, Zürich and “Emergency. Dialoge zum Ausnahmezustand”, Hamburg, two exhibitions in abandoned hospitals.